Hi! 👋 Welcome to Fenix. We’re excited you’re here.

What is Fenix?

Fenix is a journalism company. Our mission is to create a viable business model for our industry.

But, um, what does that mean, exactly?

The term “journalism” company is meant to differentiate us from other “media” companies. Typically, a media company makes money through advertising. They show you some cool content for free and then charge other companies to place ads alongside it. Sound familiar? This used to be how newspapers and magazines made their money. Nowadays, it sounds a lot more like Facebook and Google. That’s because Facebook and Google ARE media companies. They’re actually the best media companies with most of the market share (aka most of the business available).

So, since Facebook and Google are dominating the ad business and newspapers and magazines are going the way of the dodo, we decided to do things differently.

We believe there is value in journalism. There is value in deeply reporting and researching a topic. There is value in asking the right (and oftentimes hard) questions, and there is value in writing as objectively as we can. We want to provide you with this value.

Okay. That all sounds great, but what do you actually DO?

Well, thanks to the internet, we make you part of our newsroom and give you a say in what stories get written.

1. We present to you a menu of story ideas 💡
2. You contribute to your faves 💸
3. Once a story is fully funded, it goes into production 📝
4. And you get monthly dispatches from your journalist updating you on the progress 📩
5. When it’s done, you get to read the story, exclusively 🤓

This model does more than cut out advertisers. It also lets us cut down on wasteful content. If you have a pile of New Yorkers stacked up in your living room, you know what we’re talking about. Subscriptions are great because readers are directly supporting publications. BUT! They also use your dollars to subsidize a bunch of content you might not care about or ever even read.

Crowdfunding on a story-by-story basis allows you to only pay for what you’re going to (and want to) read. It’s that simple.

Who makes up Fenix?

Freelance journalists are the heart and soul of this business. They are the ones coming up with entertaining and smart story ideas to pitch you as well as the ones who have written the articles you can go ahead and read on the site. They believe in journalism, and they’ve taken a chance on this new business model.

Check ‘em out here:

🗞 Hayden Field
🗞 Tiffany Stevens
🗞 Laura Thompson
🗞 Adina Solomon
🗞 Mackenzie Sugrue

Mariana Heredia is our founder and editor. She has worked in all aspects of media from editorial and production to sponsorships and advertising. All of these experiences are what led to the creation of Fenix. Well, that and a very stubborn desire to “save newspapers.” She’s based in New York City.


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